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Post #1 Merry New Year

Store is set up and the bones of the website is in place. Look for updates, in particular the shopping section. 2020 has been a year of change, struggle and new priorities. Our family has been affected by pandemic related furloughs and layoffs. We are included in all the negative affects, however we believed this to be the catalyst needed to start this venture. We have collected various items over time, not so much as collectors but seeing the value in things to others. This is the general inspiration behind our store. I will address some of the deeper reasonings in follow up post(s). This post is more about telling you about us.

Jennifer and I (Lynn) want to thank you for visiting our site. Let us tell you a little about where we come from which we hope provides some insight as to who we have become.


Jennifer was a military brat that lived in various places throughout the US. Her family settled in Salem, Oregon where they were able to plant some roots. Family has always been an important part of Jennifer's life, this is why opening 2nd Love with her husband has been an amazing accomplishment. Jennifer's full-time job is her career in HR but hopes that the store becomes a success that she can focus on that.

Giving back to the community is also something that Jennifer believes in and this is where Threads of Hope was developed. Although, still in the beginning stages we are developing a clothing closet to assist with those in need. Given the times that we are in, this is something that Jennifer and Lynn is passionate about, helping those in need.


Lynn grew up in a small farming community outside Salem, Oregon. Worked the farm until I left home at age 18. What I

learned in those formative years was the value of resourcefulness. I watched my parents take an item and manufacture something different. Not only in the shop but the kitchen areas of house. I never appreciated that until later in life. I have held a variety of jobs throughout my life but have always been a collector of stuff. In the year of the pandemic I thought about that a lot and as fate would have it an opportunity presented itself and I knew we were heading down the right path. 2nd Love is the culmination of experience, dreams and action. Come see the dream in action!

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